Quality Home Watch & Care Services offers peace of mind while caring for your Florida home during short- and long-term absences.  Things can, will and do happen.  It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHENsome examples:

  • We have frequent storms during our summer months, for example, if your circuit breaker is tripped and your air conditioner or refrigerator is off, conditions are ripe for problems.
  • Your friends who offered to keep an eye on your home go on vacation or has a family emergency and are called out of town.
  • Your can have leaks either from rain or your upstairs neighbor has a flood due to their negligence.
  • Rodents/insects have found a way into your home.

homehands1-348-300Quality Home Watch & Care Services cannot stress enough the need for periodic checks of your home.  There are a multitude of issues which can occur during your absence and without anyone checking your property;  many things can go wrong with an unattended property.  That is why we strongly recommend 2-4 inspection visits per month.  We will communicate with you after each visit or in the event of an emergency as needed;   remember…unforeseen damage can happen at any time

We will provide regular inspections regarding your property which will exceed your expectations. For example, should a storm, tropical depression or hurricane threaten our area, we will check your property as soon as possible afterwards and communicate with you;   Should an item need to be addressed resulting from a maintenance, service, or a security need,  we will communicate with you immediately, with photos, if necessary.

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